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Is Migraine Treatment for Teenagers Different Than Treatment for Adults?

Teenager's migraines are unique, often requiring different treatments than those commonly used for adult migraines. In some instances, doctors prescribe

10 Everyday Things That Are Triggering Your Migraines

In addition to anatomical triggers, there are countless everyday exposures that can cause migraines and migraine symptoms. It sometimes makes

Will All Migraine Symptoms Go Away with Surgery?

Minimally invasive migraine surgery addresses faulty nerve signals that can lead to migraines. The surgery is customized to eliminate migraine

How Certain Smells and Detergents Can Cause Migraines

Over 40% of migraine sufferers report that strong odors – from things like perfumes and detergents - can trigger an

The Science of Migraines

A migraine is a neurological condition involving the brain. If a migraine is not properly diagnosed and treated, an individual

What to Do During Each Stage of a Migraine

Understanding the various stages of a migraine can be essential for migraine sufferers, allowing them to anticipate changes and seek

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