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Does Every Migraine Have an Aura?

Not all migraines are created equal. In fact, some migraine sufferers experience an "aura" before a migraine strikes, while others

How Can I Get Migraine Pain to Stop?

Migraine pain can be intense, particularly for those who are experiencing a migraine for the first time and may not

Migraines Are Not Your Average Headache

Not all headaches are migraines, but migraines are part of the headache family. Understanding exactly occurs during a migraine can

Is Botox Effective For Migraines In Children & Adolescents?

A small study just announced at the recent American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) meeting in Boston, Massachusetts demonstrated a statistically

3 Things That Every Migraine Sufferer Should Know

Let's face it – no one wants to suffer from painfully disabling and disruptive migraine headaches. Yet migraines remain a

Migraines VS. Sinus Headaches – Why The Confusion?

As doctors, we like to put things into neat categories, labeling each individual disease as separate from one another. But

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