How prevalent are migraines?

Approximately 35 million Americans - or 12% of the population - suffer from migraines. The majority of migraine sufferers fall

Is a migraine a small stroke?

Many people believe a migraine is a type of temporary stroke, but little evidence suggests those who deal with migraine

Can migraines be hereditary?

Studies have shown a child with one parent who suffers from migraines has about a 50% risk of developing migraines.

What are the stages of a migraine?

There are four potential migraine stages: Prodrome: Takes place one to two days before a migraine attack and causes physical

Are migraines diet-related?

Not all migraines are diet-related, but there are many migraine triggers linked to specific foods a person eats. In addition,

What are the symptoms of a migraine?

Migraine symptoms include: Dizziness Fatigue Nausea Sensitivity to light (photophobia) Sensitivity to sound (phonophobia) Vomiting A person who experiences any

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