Migraine Stages

Migraine Stages

There are four potential stages of a migraine that a migraine sufferer may experience: prodrome, aura, attack, and postdrome.

  1. Prodrome: Occurs one to two days before a migraine. An individual may experience a wide range of vague physical and emotional symptoms, including muscle cramps, depression and anxiety.
  2. Aura: Occurs as a “warning” in the moments leading up to a migraine attack. During the aura stage, a migraine sufferer may experience changes in one or more sense (hearing, speech, touch, vision or taste) and potentially experience muscular changes such as spasms and weakness. A migraine sufferer either has auras or not, and for each individual the aura remains very consistent.
  3. Migraine Attack: Usually moderate to severe pain, throbbing in nature, that is located on one side of the head. This stage usually lasts between one hour to three days and is typically associated with other physical and emotional symptoms, most commonly sensitivity to light, sound and physical activity.
  4. Postdrome: A hang-over-like feeling that typically lasts about 24 hours. In the postdrome, an individual may feel depressed, exhausted and have difficulty staying focused on everyday tasks.

Each stage of a migraine may vary in length and severity. An individual may suffer from a single migraine stage, a combination of various migraine stages or all migraine stages.

Dr. Jonathan Cabin of The Migraine Institute is a board-certified head and neck surgeon with dual-subspecialty training in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Cabin helps migraine patients achieve lasting relief through customized, cutting-edge, interventional treatments.

Can You Predict When a Migraine Will Happen?

It is often impossible to predict when a migraine will strike. Fortunately, an individual who knows the pre-migraine stages may be better equipped to prepare for migraine headaches. Education plays a key role in successful migraine treatment.

Dr. Cabin works closely with migraine patients, not only in interventional treatment, but also to help educate them regarding migraine causes, symptoms and alternative treatments. Individuals get the support they need to make informed migraine treatment decisions.

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