When to Worry About Migraines During Pregnancy

Experiencing a migraine during pregnancy is sometimes problematic. If a pregnant woman understands the warning signs and symptoms of a

Migraine Light Sensitivity: Why Are Some Migraines Caused by Light?

Light sensitivity, also called photophobia, is a common migraine symptom. Fortunately, those who understand photophobia can quickly identify this issue

The Basilar Migraine: Symptoms, Treatments and Causes

A migraine with brainstem aura, also referred to as a basilar migraine, causes migraine symptoms that develop from the brainstem

The Role Migraines Play in Your Personal Life

Migraines sometimes cause vomiting, nausea and other physical side effects. At the same time, migraines can have far-flung effects on

7 Signs Your Headache Might Be a Migraine

Headaches and migraines sometimes seem similar, but there are notable differences between the two. Here are seven signs your headache

How to Tell If Your Headache Is Actually a Migraine

All migraines are headaches, but not all headaches are migraines. Fortunately, migraine and headache symptoms differ. If you can identify

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