A small study just announced at the recent American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) meeting in Boston, Massachusetts demonstrated a statistically significant and large decrease in migraine intensity, duration, and frequency in a group of children and adolescents aged eight to 17. The authors of this study are now attempting to include a larger number of children and adolescents to convince the FDA to widen their approval age of Botox, as they found Botox effective for migraines in this small sample of younger demographic.

How is Botox Effective For Migraines in Children & Adolescents?

This is very important work. Botox is an excellent option for treating chronic migraines, as its incredibly effective and has minimal side effects when compared with traditional migraine medications. Yet, even though 10% of children and adolescents suffer from migraines,  Botox studies have historically focused on adults 18 and older. This leads to significant undertreatment of children and adolescents, a missed opportunity for this vulnerable population of migraine sufferers.

Many physicians are already using Botox in children as it is recognized as effective with minimal risk. But these physicians are injecting Botox according to the official FDA protocol – 31 injections across six different sites in every single patient. Convincing young children to endure this many needles is never an easy task.

At the Migraine Institute, we have found Botox effective for migraines in patients of all ages – from children to adults – and use our targeted protocol to isolate each patient’s specific trigger site(s). By customizing the treatment to each patient – child, adolescent or adult – significantly fewer injections are required to get the same, exact relief.

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