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Explore Our Migraine Treatment Options

Finding the right chronic migraine treatment can be difficult, but The Migraine Institute helps patients address their chronic migraine pain. The Migraine Institute offers the following treatments for chronic migraines:

  • Botox: Botox is one of the world’s most popular non-invasive cosmetic treatments, and it has also been shown to help patients treat migraine pain.
  • Migraine Surgery: Minimally invasive migraine surgery is available to treat chronic migraines; it is offered as a permanent treatment for chronic migraine pain.

The aforementioned treatments are available to patients if they have already received a chronic migraine diagnosis and find that their current medications do not work or cause intolerable side effects. In this instance, chronic migraine patients can schedule a consultation with The Migraine Institute.
During a consultation, a patient is evaluated, and various tests are performed to assess his or her chronic migraine symptoms. If a patient qualifies for Botox, migraine surgery or both treatments, a custom migraine treatment plan is developed for him or her. Additionally, a patient can ask questions and receive insights into chronic migraine treatments so he or she can make an informed treatment decision.

About Dr. Cabin

Dr. Jonathan Cabin is a board-certified head and neck surgeon with dual subspecialty training in head and neck surgery. He has received comprehensive technical and academic training in facial aesthetic and functional surgery, including highly specialized facial paralysis and migraine headache surgery. Regardless of patient or treatment, Dr. Cabin’s approach remains the same. Dr. Cabin works closely with his patient to provide a personalized treatment that delivers long-lasting results.

About Dr. Azizzadeh

Dr. Babak Azizzadeh is a world-renowned facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. He is Harvard-trained and dual board-certified in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and head and neck surgery. Dr. Azizzadeh has been featured in publications from many leading news outlets and performed facial plastic and reconstructive procedures on celebrities, global dignitaries and executives. Like Dr. Cabin, Dr. Azizzadeh is committed to patient care. Dr. Azizzadeh performs an in-depth patient evaluation and learns about a patient. He then offers a custom treatment to accommodate his patient’s requests.

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