Migraine Types

/Migraine Types

What is an Ocular Migraine?

Ocular migraines may go by other names, such as visual, retinal, ophthalmic or monocular migraines. The term “ocular” means “pertaining

Are there different types of migraines?

There are several types of migraines. Many people with migraines may suffer with more than one type. The two most

Is a migraine a small stroke?

Many people believe a migraine is a type of temporary stroke, but little evidence suggests those who deal with migraine

What are the stages of a migraine?

There are four potential migraine stages: Prodrome: Takes place one to two days before a migraine attack and causes physical

Are migraines diet-related?

Not all migraines are diet-related, but there are many migraine triggers linked to specific foods a person eats. In addition,

What are the symptoms of a migraine?

Migraine symptoms include: Dizziness Fatigue Nausea Sensitivity to light (photophobia) Sensitivity to sound (phonophobia) Vomiting A person who experiences any

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