Migraine Surgery Cost

Migraine surgery is a minimally invasive procedure offered to chronic migraine patients who find that their migraine medications do not provide migraine pain relief. It is performed by Dr. Jonathan Cabin, a board-certified head and neck surgeon with dual subspecialty training in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Cabin understands the challenges associated with migraines, and his goal is simple: to help chronic migraine patients achieve long-term migraine pain relief. He conducts migraine surgery to help chronic migraine patients treat migraine pain, as well as discusses migraine surgery cost before treatment. In doing so, Dr. Cabin helps chronic migraine patients weigh the pros and cons of migraine surgery and make an informed treatment decision.

How Much Does Migraine Surgery Cost?

The cost of migraine surgery depends on the extent of treatment. To help determine migraine surgery cost, Dr. Cabin conducts an in-depth patient evaluation. That way, Dr. Cabin can find out if a patient qualifies for migraine surgery or Botox for migraines and offer details about the costs of different treatment options.

During a patient consultation, Dr. Cabin strives to learn as much as he can about a patient and his or her migraine symptoms. Dr. Cabin asks questions to find out what types of migraine symptoms that a patient has experienced in the past, as well as how long a patient has experienced migraine pain. In some instances, Dr. Cabin requests a patient keep a migraine journal to detail his or her migraine symptoms as well. Dr. Cabin also performs comprehensive tests to assess different anatomical migraine trigger points.

If Dr. Cabin determines a patient is a good candidate for migraine surgery, he crafts a custom treatment plan for him or her. The treatment plan may focus exclusively on surgery. Or, in certain instances, Dr. Cabin recommends a combination of migraine surgery and Botox treatments to address migraine symptoms.

Dr. Cabin explains all aspects of a migraine treatment plan to his patient. At this time, Dr. Cabin discusses the costs of treatment, along with the potential complications and recovery time associated with treatment.

When it comes to migraine surgery or other migraine treatments, there is no reason to leave anything in doubt. Thus, Dr. Cabin responds to a patient’s migraine treatment concerns and questions. Dr. Cabin also maintains constant communication with his patient throughout the treatment cycle, ensuring that this individual can achieve the best-possible results.

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For those who are coping with chronic migraines but find that their current medications are ineffective or cause unwanted side effects, Dr. Cabin can help. To schedule a migraine surgery treatment consultation with Dr. Cabin, please contact us online or call us today at 310.461.0303.