When should migraine surgery be an option?

Is your migraine medication effective? Are the side effects almost as bad as the migraines themselves?

Over 35 million Americans and one billion people worldwide suffer from some form of migraine headaches. The term “migraine” encompasses a wide range of headaches that share common features, but for different people these headaches can have different causes and varied symptoms. Many people suffering from migraines take medication that cause debilitating side effects oris not completely effective.

This is where migraine surgery comes in. For certain types of migraines with a particular set of triggers, treatment of those triggers with Botox® can reduce or even eliminate migraine suffering. Treatment is required every two to three months and can reduce or eliminate the need for a migraine regimen.

For sufferers who respond well to Botox® treatment, surgical options are available. Surgery deactivates the triggers, much like Botox®, but the effect is generally better and is also permanent. This treatment is typically performed once and lasts a lifetime.

If you have migraines that seem to arise from a trigger – over your eyes, behind you head, on your forehead or temples – you may be a surgical candidate. Botox® can help to confirm whether surgery can be effective. Migraine surgery expert, Dr. Jonathan Cabin, can help you determine if you are a good candidate for surgery during a comprehensive consultation with him at The Migraine Institute in Beverly Hills.

Let The Migraine Institute Help You Find Relief

Committed to helping patients find relief, The Migraine Institute is the first center in Los Angeles solely dedicated to alleviating pain from the dreaded migraine. Our team of migraine specialists are pioneers in the field of migraine surgery, and are highly respected by surgeons from around the world. From the first moment you step into The Migraine Institute, our top priority is to take care of you so you can start enjoying life again!

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